How To Know If Your Seo Is Working From Mason Soiza


How To Know If Your Seo Is Working From Mason Soiza

You don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy tools to figure out if your SEO is working. Search engine optimisation has since become a crucial part of building and maintaining a website. But the question that often nags people when they decide to employ these strategies is whether it is doing what it is supposed to do. Here are some ways to know for sure.

Using Google Analytics you can measure the visitors to your website and see if they are increasing. SEO is a strategy that is aimed for the long term which means that you will have to wait for quite some time to see results. But you do not need to wait for long though. There are some things that you can check which will help you determine if things are working towards the right direction or not

The first crucial element that you can check if your website is performing well with the SEO strategies that you have out in place is its site speed. It is extremely important as it can affect the loading time of your pages. If you are wondering how fast is going to be fast enough, the right answer is two seconds or even less. Ideally, every single page in your house should successfully load in a matter of two seconds or under. With the mobile-first policy that Google has recently implemented, the quality of your site is going to be measured based on how well it performs in phones and mobile networks that are smaller compared to high-speed connections in desktops.

According to expert Mason Soiza, using Web Master Tools or Google Search Console you can assess the health of your website. If you have broken links or an outdated sitemap you can see it here. A crucial part of a successful SEO strategy is inbound links. Practitioners of search engine optimisation build links. While some are good, some are bad too. You want to know if the links are good and there are ways to determine that.

If you have employed the services of an SEO agency, ask them to provide you with the full URL. Know the domain authority too as its shows the strength of the back link profile of your target site. You will also need to know what the site’s topic is. For instance, if your business is a restaurant, you need links from related sites about food, restaurants, ad travel among others. You will also need to know what the anchor text for the link is. Also, find out if the links are NoFollow or Follow ones.

You can ask for a link building report too. You want the Domain Rating or DR to be 30 at least but if you get 50 or more, even better. See to it that the topic of the site is exactly what the site is about. Make sure that you will have a descriptive Anchor Text and as much as possible, go for fewer NoFollow links.

Of course, the best way to see your SEO success is on Google itself. Google the keywords you are targeting and see where you rank. Take a note of it and check back weekly. Check if the SEO strategy has made the site mobile-friendly too. Remember that Google is now focused on a mobile-friendly approach. So, whatever strategy it is that you will want to employ, see to it that it has contributed towards making your site mobile-friendly. There are many tools that you can use to assess this which should give you enough opportunity to fix things and tweak them a bit if it turns out that it isn’t. Learn more about effective SEO strategies by reading about it on the Mason Soiza website here.